Based in Del Mar, California (a coastal town 20 miles north of San Diego), InterNetwork Media, Inc. is a pioneer in digital communication and multimedia for CD-ROMs and the World Wide Web. Known for its award-winning work, INM specializes in science, environmental, and outdoor subjects. Their focus is in the development of interactive products which educate and excite today's earth related consumers.

President Clinton presents
Payson Stevens, founder of InterNetwork,
with the Presidential Design Award
for Excellence in multimedia.

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Core Mission
InterNetwork's core mission is to further Earth awareness and the issues related to global change. Understanding the Earth System requires not only a knowledge of science, but an all encompassing view of the world and how we humans have become a force of nature.

InterNetwork Media evolved from its sister company, InterNetwork, Inc., founded in 1979. InterNetwork, Inc.'s mission has been science communication, at all levels, since its inception. InterNetwork, Inc. consists of a group of professional scientists, media, computer and design experts holding advanced degrees in biological, earth, and space sciences. We have provided communications service and support to the major Earth-Science agencies--NASA, the United States Geological Survey, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration--for over a decade. Government projects have included development of prototype CD-ROM products and multimedia content beginning in 1988. Today, InterNetwork Media focuses on consumer and educational markets and develops under various publisher, co-publisher, and direct distribution arrangements.

In 1994, the President and Mrs. Clinton presented InterNetwork, Inc. with the Presidential Design Award for exceptional design, depth of content, and delivery of information of Arctic Data InterActive(ADI). ADI was the first U.S. Presidential Design Award for multimedia, and the first prototype of a science journal on CD-ROM. ADI was distributed to leading Earth scientists and policy makers, and was developed in collaboration with the United States Geological Survey.

The United States Department of the Interior selected InterNetwork, Inc. as the recipient of the 1993 John Wesley Powell Award. This prestigious honor (named for the second Director of the USGS who set a standard for excellence in Earth Science research) is given to private sector individuals who further Earth Science awareness.

To Market
InterNetwork Media delivers its products through distribution partnerships and creative distribution methods. By teaming with other publishers and government agencies we are continuing to build a multi-tiered system of distribution channels. Alternative distribution strategies involve various delivery strategies: reseller-direct, direct mail, catalogs, specialty stores, and on-line services.

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