Sean Collins...swell desk master
    Rusty Preisendorfer...shape daddy
    Greg Noll and Don James...masters of legend
    Kahuna the novice a heads up!
    Jeff Neu and Rick Doyle...provide some cool cinematography
    Sprung Monkey and The Aqua Velvets...their music flat out rips!
    Brad Gerlach and Donavon Frankenreiter...unveil their bag of tricks

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Payson Stevens and Jake Grubb
with MTV host VJ Kennedy on Alternative Nation.

Ages: Anyone!

Category: Recreation


Surfology 101 is a dynamic and informative CD-ROM title designed for all levels of surfers and surf enthusiasts: those who have dedicated their lives to the sport, those who are just getting into it, and those who simply watch from shore and wonder. You'll find awesome video footage and photos, cool beach music, and of course, a fun filled glossary of surf lingo. Catch a wave...


  • Four cool categories: Style, Oceanic Tribes, Science, and Other Stuff

  • Join Surfrider Foundation and become a part of this premiere environmental group

  • See Rusty Preisendorfer as he shapes today's high performance surfboards

  • Don't miss Sean Collins, the master of swell prediction as he tracks a Fijian swell

  • Kahuna Bob teaches novices the basic techniques on the how-to-of surfing

  • Brad Gerlach and Donavon Frankenreiter drop in and say hello after a morning surf

  • Great surf music, instructional videos and adrenaline-pumping footage of the pros

  • Allows "surfers" to experience different surf conditions around the world

    Screens(these are just a few)

    • Class Schedule This is the main menu offering four fresh and voluptuous categories: Style, Oceanic Tribes, Science, and Other Stuff. Surfrider Foundation's Executive Director will be your guide on this interactive surfing journey.

    • Wipeouts See great video footage from top cinematographers including Jeff Neu and Rick Doyle. Watch out as Brad Gerlach and Donavon Frankenreiter unveil their bag of tricks...

    • Surfrider Foundation This section provides information on a nationwide non-profit environmental organization dedicated to the protection, preservation and restoration of the world's oceans, waves and beaches. Join Surfrider Foundation and see!

    • Wave Science Learn all about the mechanics of breaks and tides and understand the life cycle of a wave from its creation hundreds of miles offshore until it finally breaks. Plus an interview with Sean Collins of Surfline/ Wave-Trak.

    • Surf Speak Interviews with Southern California "groms" will bring you up to speed on the proper lingo of the beaches and the glossary will help define the terms. These kids are classic. Check 'em out!

    • Legends Explore the history of surfing from the 1900s to the present, covering biographical information on legendary surfers such as Greg Noll, Gerry Lopez and Kelly Slater.

    • Babes Of course you'll find beautiful women on this interactive digital journey.

    • More Babes Another 'nectar' photo!

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